Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Full Stack Developer Retires MacBookPro for Ubuntu Laptop

Since I began developing with open source technologies in 2007, my computer of choice was the MacBookPro (MBP).

The MBP continues to be a great system for developing open source software, but at this time, when I started looking for my next development workstation, speed, service and value were the leading factors, and it made more sense to stop working with the MBP and start working on a laptop that doesn't glow Apple.

I will miss the MBP's glowing keyboard, and I will miss the magnetic click of the power adapter. However, I will not miss needing to drop $80 for a new adapter after my daughter decides to suck on it like a chew toy.

AppleCare is a fantastic service plan that I have utilized to keep the MBP in tip-tip shape in the USA and Costa Rica. Now, I'm living too far away from an Apple Store to get a F'ed system in the hands of a "Genius." My town has a sharp computing community and would not have a hard time serving any issues on a generic system.

The features I wanted in my new system were a Solid State Hard Drive for fast disk read/writes, and a monster dose of RAM (16 Gig). The MBP with retina display offered these features, for a hefty price. Adding the AppleCare support plan gave me pretty expensive system that I would need to dump in three years when the warranty expired.

I've learned the lessons on servicing computers in Costa Rica and know the risk of carrying around a $2K system. It's time for something new.

I'm empowering myself to continue the journey in open source software and Linux operating systems. The seven years that I have been working with Linux hosting environments has given me the chance to learn how to be productive in the Linux environment. I am excited to add to that knowledge and offer clients more "full-stack" skills. Developing on a Mac and managing production environments are two different animals. Bringing the practices of maintaining secure production systems back to the workstation is clearly the new win-win to work towards.